Major Scales – Key of F


The following exercises are of the F major scale in various positions on the guitar neck.

A good practice method is to sing along with yourself as you play the notes. This way you get the sound of the scale in your ear, not just at your fingertips.

Another good practice tip is to name the notes as you play them. This definitely helps you learn the scale and not just the sequence of frets.

Remember to keep a steady and even pace when playing these scales. Better to be slow and even than fast and erratic. When you can play them evenly at a slow tempo you’ll soon be able to speed them up.

To get the fingering correct, try playing the first 3 notes with the correct fingering until it becomes easy, then add 1 or 2 notes at a time and repeat this process until you can play the whole scale up and down without making any fingering errors.

Click on the scale to enlarge it.

F Major scale – 1st position:


F Major – 1st-3rd position:


F Major – 8th-10th position:


F Major – 12th position:


F Major – 1st-10th position:


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